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Laddon kgi
2017 Straight Russian Gelding
CAHR #48813

Laddon is the first foal and a look-alike son of Merzifon kgi, our younger *Nefison son who is a striking bay reminiscent of his famous dam line through Modnitsa to Mammona. Laddon's own dam line has been very successful in producing strong, charasmatic horses for us and Laddon has been growing up to be a handsome and intelligent young gelding. We're expecting Laddon to grow into a fun riding partner to explore the trails or compete with.

He is offered for sale very reasonably while he grows up, we would love to see him in a home ready to start him towards his under saddle training.

Straight Russian
Merzifon kgiNeposeda
DYN Amber MystMalpia
Laddon kgiMargaritka
Riurik kgiNefisa
NM RostalgiaRV Rostov
Libuse kgiNamusca
Saratov*SR Nadom
MM Lada*Kristalnaia

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