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Updated March 13, 2022

2021 was a year of colts for us. First to arrive was Montenegro kgi, a stylish, tall and well-built colt sired by our younger *Nefison son Merzifon kgi and out of Marquessa TWR. We had been looking forward to getting another foal by Merzifon on the ground and "Monty" did not disappoint. Our second and final foal of the year was Perses kgi, sired by Ttitans Gold and out of Prelusion kgi, another exciting arrival for us being our second by Ttitans Gold and the first from Prelusion, one of our very special *Nefison daughters (out of our first straight Russian mare, NM Rostalgia). We continue to be pleased with what Ttitans Gold has produced with our *Nefison daughters and love how easy his babies have been to work with.

Our first Ttitans Gold colt, Samuil kgi, left for his new home in the summer. He was sold to Colorado as a stallion prospect and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for him!

We don't have any foals coming in 2022 and will be taking the time to focus on training and breeding. We're expecting a busy breeding season for Ttitans Gold, so 2023 should be a very exciting year!

December 28, 2010.

On November 12th we said goodbye to an incredible stallion who meant so much to us both personally and to our breeding program that it is difficult to express. We can only go back to the beginning to tell our journey with *Nefison.

As new Arabian enthusiasts in the late 90's we spent the typical hours upon hours pouring over old and new Arabian magazines and scouring the internet for anything Arabian. It was the Russian lines we ended up falling in love with, through old ads for stallions like *Namiet and *Nariadni and then-current stallions like Nareyev and Mpulse. After a tour of farms in WI and MI which included Selket Arabians, Grand Arabians, Gaslight Farm and Shadowood Farm, we purchased our first future broodmare, the Russian-bred Mpulse daughter SH MSana in 2000. From there we added our first straight Russian broodmare, NM Rostalgia, in 2001, followed by Tamerlynn & *Ampula in 2002 (*Ampula sadly never making it home), and the search for stallions became serious.

*Nefison greatly sparked our interest around this time. He was not being heavily promoted, but had an at stud ad running on the AHA classifieds and we had enough pictures in old Arabian Horse World and Arabian Horse Times ads to determine he would be a great match for either of the mares we were looking to breed. We inquired, but never got a response and moved on to purchase breedings to Nareyev and *Princip. Despite multiple attempts and a lot of money spent, we never got a straight Russian foal on the ground. Our only successful attempt with AI was not until 2003 when we got SH MSana in foal to Kilogramm SPA and finally in 2004 we decided to breed our straight Russian mares live cover to a local stallion to see if we could get foals from them at all. Sometime during this time there was news online of a rescue situation that involved *Nefison, though the internet was less powerful at that time and we didn't know what became of him. 2004 became a devastating year for us as we suffered a huge personal loss, followed only a couple months later by a much less significant in the grand scheme of life, but still painful loss when SH MSana died leaving behind the 5-month-old Karenina kgi.

At this point we were questioning whether to continue with our dream of a straight Russian breeding program, with two of our first four broodmares already gone, yet to get a straight Russian foal on the ground, and having been through the type of event in our life that makes many other things seem much less significant. And then, early in 2005, *Nefison reappeared at Arnie DeWell's Crabbet/CMK farm in IN, available for sale as part of the remnants of Simon Trueblood's herd. All of the pieces fell into place and in April 2005 *Nefison came home to Northwestern Ontario. To say our lives and breeding program were forever changed would be an amazing understatement. Having only two broodmares at the time, not nearly enough to do him justice, we quickly started looking, adding SF Nova that year followed by the lease and/or purchase of 5 straight Russian mares the next, with continued additions all cumulating in a broodmare band we take great pride in. Having acquired a 23-year-old stallion we weren't about to waste any time. Though we weren't even sure he was fertile when we brought him home (but willing to give him a retirement home either way), and he went through a bout with EPM soon after arrival which turned him into a walking skeleton for most of that summer, he blessed us with our first straight Russian foal, the 2006 filly Tatariya kgi who was also our first from Tamerlynn who had been with us since 2002. Two colts followed, then another in 2007 and the rest is history. We produced 16 *Nefison foals while he was with us, plus those produced by other breeders, and there are a couple to come yet in 2011. He improved on every mare we bred to him and we have a pasture full of his offspring whose futures we're very excited about. We're also extremely excited that three young *Nefison sons are now owned by other breeders where they will continue his legacy. Our oldest *Nefison son, Riurik kgi from his first foal crop with us, is currently in reining training and after his career will be ready to come home and step into breeding stallion duty.

*Nefison was an incredible horse, an incredible sire and an incredible character who will never be forgotten. He loved to be scratched at the base of his neck and would stretch out and make faces for you when you hit the right spot. He had the meanest, ears-back look he would give when you delivered his feed (and sometimes the yearlings would get the same look), but he was all show and a complete pussycat to handle, for first time stallion owners we couldn't have had a better teacher and friend. This story is a long one, but as you can see our story of *Nefison is woven in the story of our breeding program and what has made Kakagi Arabians what it is today. He gave us so much and leaves a huge void, as time passes we hope that comfort will come in knowing that we did everything we could to ensure that his legacy will live on. Thank you to everyone who believed in him like we did.

Goodbye *Nefison.

Nadia & Donna
Kakagi Arabians

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